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Blast and damn Earth Hour
Rant incoming...

Essentially to me Earth hour is wearing a pink shirt on national breast awareness day but not giving any money toward it.  Support without substance.  If you seriously think turning of all the lights etc for one hour on one day of the year is going to make a significant impact on the environment I will thump you.

It's not like they are going to shut the power stations down.  Electricity will still be generated while your light is off and fossil fuels will still be going through that power plant.  People turning off lights for one hour will have no effect.  Oh, it raises awareness you say? That's great because now people are aware they'll change for the better right? No, they'll think "Oh, I supported earth hour, I'm doing my bit for the environment."  Then go back to whatever they were doing.  Earth hour is nothing but a gimmick, a catchy tune on an ad.  It's not going to achieve anything until they attach some more meaningful goal to it.  Honestly, planting more trees is going to do more for the environment than earth hour is.

Incedentally I'm still looking forward to earth hour as it'll probably be fantastic for using my telescope.

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I agree. To me, it's little more than a ploy that'll make suburbanites feel better about driving their kids to school in a monstrous 4WD.

Hmm... telescope... that's assuming the neighbours turn off their lights... and street lamps... >.>

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