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Interesting article

The following is a link to an article on racism and adoption.  No, it doesn't mention Madonna or Jolie at all, thankfully.  Don't even bother looking at it if you don't want to be confronted with how people veiw interacial adoptions. "Think of the Children" has always been an emotionally charged argument/issue regardless if it's used for internet filters or adoption.  It gets even worse when you throw in a thread of  "colourblind" racism.

I found it an interesting read.  I intially thought it didn't have too much of a slant either way and was a fairly balanced article but upon reading the comments I realised I didn't even pick up on some of the poor use of certain terms.  I did of course note the optimistic final paragraph but I think that's less a "racism failing" and more of a "everything must end on a positive" like news programs finishing with a story on a cute puppy.

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I find that even though society is supposedly touted as a multicultural nation (as in, America, England and Australia) it really isn't.

While it's deemed okay for a white family to adopt an african-american child, it's strange to have it the other way around. Certain "minority" groups insulate themselves and then complain about people not accepting them. Even people who say they aren't racist and don't care about a persons skin color or ethnicity then only date people of the same heritage of themselves and say they "aren't attracted" to people of certain skin colors.

It's one of those things where "everyone is a little racist". I think myself to be fairly open, but I know there are certain cultures that I don't respect and find myself disliking certain people because of their background (guess which one :P And no, it's not the Jewish. Though they are fun to tease, me being German and all, hehehe! All in good fun though.)

I think writing a post on racism must be really hard because it's still so easy to upset people.

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