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I cooked tonight for the first time in ages.  I made some curried sausages and rice.  I'm thrilled that even though I made so much it was all eaten.  That the sign of a good meal isn't it?  Anyway it gave me a little confidence boost.  It's actually a pretty simple recipe.  All it involves is curry powder, sausages, diced apples and sultanas.  It ends up making a lovely sweet curry, which is probably why I like it so much. 

Anyway I ended up buying the curry powder from an interesting little store down the road.  It was next door to the butchers so it worked out rather well for me.  It's a little place that mixes their own herbs.  It's called Turban Chopsticks or something like that.  Suffice to say, the curry powder was absolutely fantastic.  I think I'll be heading back over there again soon.  I always end up craving spicy food after being up on site and eating what amounts to meat and 3 veg every night.  With this store nearby I feel like I can indulge.  Plus since we'll be moving soon I may as well get it while it's still so close to home.

The new house is really starting to look great now.  We've (Jon, I and many helpful friends) have repainted pretty much the whole house now.  The teal paint makes everything seem brighter and bigger somehow.  It's certainly an improvement on the drab olive that was there previously.  I should really put some before and after photos up on here.  That reminds me I'm disappointed I never took a photo of the wall that was full of test paint patches.  It looked really funny in the end and was a testament to how many different colour choices we tried before we found one that we liked and went with the terracotta tiles.

Ah, that's as much of a mental download as I can manage right now.  I've really gotta tidy up some and then get myself into bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

Edit: I turned into a pumpkin :(


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