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Sometimes I think my brain is really strange and then I realise that's normal
I've been meaning to make a journal entry for days.  I've been wanting to make one.  But all I really want to put in it are essentially a serious of micro-blogging type comments and thoughts I've had over the past couple of days.  I haven't though for two reasons.  One, I feel like I should write more significant posts.  Particularly when everyone is being inundated with micro blogs courtesy of twitter.  I actually have one or two significant posts I want to type up but I can't be bothered doing them (on D&D, the house, COH, the engagement party).  I just have no energy at the end of the day and there's too much on during the day.  I'll get around to it at some point.  The other reason is that I've read a few posts I've wanted to comment on and haven't because said comments require more thought and time then I've been able to give them.  I feel kinda guilty posting junk to this journal when I should have replied to the other posts and not just wussed out on everything.

So since I've finally given up and just posted nonsense,  here's some random thoughts.
- I sliced my palm with a pencil/pacer this morning and it damn stings.  I keep licking it and it tastes metallic I can't decide if that's from the graphite in the lead or the little bit of blood.
- I need to go to bed earlier and actually fall asleep.
- After days nay weeks of searching for my wok, we found it.  In a cupboard in the kitchen that I didn't even realise was there.
- I'm enjoying a new D&D game that I'm playing but I'm considering re-rolling my ranger into a paladin or cleric so we don't all die horrific deaths.  Problem is I kinda really like my little halfling ranger.  Maybe we should just stock up on healing kits.
- Still feeling guilty and stupid for not being able to get a ring made before the engagement party.  I might have managed it but going up to site suddenly ruined that idea.  I'm not back until 11th and the party is on the 14th.  Damn my severe lack of organisational skills and inate laziness.

Anyway off to the field I go.  There's work a-waitin'.