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Oh microsoft how I loathe you...

... let me count the ways.

Okay not actually going to make a list here at the moment.  May make one later.

Just here to rant as I usually do.

Darn Stupid Pathetic Excel!!  What the hell are you doing!  Why won't you display properly!  I type in "=$A$2" you display the text that is in cell A2!  Not the fricking formula I just typed in!  A cell with "=$A$2" displayed in it is not what I wanted!  I'm using a formula damn it!  With the right Syntax!  Gosh Darn Display the result of my formula!  Or at least have a help topic troubleshooting this!  ARGH!

Really fricking frustrated and sick of typing in "Yandi Billiard" 12 times on six different sheets only to find that I need to change it to "YBIL" or something.  By trying to do something smarter I have wasted an hour and still can't get it to work reliably for no reason I can tell.  Crappy excel. *grumble*

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yeah this is the thing I hate the most about Microsoft office products, it assumes it knows what you want written somewhere and automates it =/ I think OpenOffice might have a spreadsheet program.

I'm doing work stuff so changing to openoffice isn't really an option. Also altering the formating on the cell doesn't change things so it's not an auto-formatting issue. Thanks for commiserating though.

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