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the morning paper I like to read

Ah, ABC news you keep me informed and amused.  Dead baby snakes on a plane!  Of course this sort of thing would happen in Australia and in Darwin no less.

In other happenings...  in my morning and life that is rather than world events.
I'm enjoying subscribing to debunkingwhite some interesting discussions and info crop up there.  I still having got around to joining it since you need to fill in a short questionaire and I am all kinds of lazy.  Still in my defense, reading and keeping quiet, can often be a better thing.

Although this and some other communities I belong to (I'm looking at you 
city_of_heroes) are bulking out my friends page a lot at the moment.  I imagine things will calm down after the mission architect has been around for a while.  I've only played a few player made missions so far and they've been fantastic.

These new meds I'm on are helping out a bit.  I'm finally managing to be able to sleep properly again.  Now I just need to start getting more involved in my life again.  You know, take charge, choose a course, pick a path diverging in a yellow wood and all that rot.  Be active or at least move a limb every now and again.  I've decided I've got to do some things for myself.  Get back into something creative like art or writing or amv's so I can feel accomplished.  Oh yeah, I made an amv of sorts last weekend.  It was a montage of several transformer openings.  Jon had a transformer panel at swancon.  It didn't turn out too bad although there are some things that continue to glare at me (frame size, text, syncing).  Still fun though I have to get premiere to behave better.  All my amving methods (codecs etc) are so out of date.  Damn technology and it's relentless advance.

New House stuff is moving along slowly but steadily.  Except we're just now getting told we need to move out of the current place quickly.  It would have been nice to know that earlier.  Now I feel like I've got to rush everything at the house.  Argh, I just remembered I forgot Ryan's number again.  Damn, my brain.  No gloating Jon.

Oh well best get back to work.  Can't waste more time on the internets.

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Speaking as someone with the 54 month badge and alt-itis since the game went live I laugh at your pitiful attempt! =)

Also sent you a gfriend request.

Join us in the LiveJournal channel, there's always someone helpful on, and a whole lotta cool people on there most of the time. (/chanjoin livejournal)

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