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The horror of nostalgia

So apparently ye old geocities is shutting down.  I imagine it's not making enough money for it's costs.  Either that or it barely gets any traffic anymore.  Anyway alias_sqbr remined me about it when made a post linking to her old geocities page.  So I figure I'll join her in a nostalgia trip.

This here is the very first webpage I ever made.  I think I made it in the last  few years of high school.  It is truely a terrifing sight to behold.  I imagine any people involved in web work are currently trying to scrub their eyeballs.  Actually I wouldn't be surpised if it didn't work properly in some browsers.

I redid the website in the first few years of uni. For some reason, I ended up putting it somewhere else on geocities.  It's better than the last but still pretty terrible.  Oh wow, so much spam in the guestbook.

My recent efforts are even better but still could use improving.  However, I couldn't code a website anymore these days.  Although learning CSS continues to tempt me.

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Oh wow. Those sites are a thing of beauty :D

CSS is pretty fun to play around with.

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